How An HVAC and Plumbing Inspection Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Everyone wants to save money and be more sustainable. With regular HVAC and plumbing inspections, you can do both at once! If you’re asking yourself “why is my water bill so high” every month, then that probably means you have an issue that could easily be fixed with regular HVAC and plumbing inspections.

The potential costs of a plumbing leak far outweigh the costs of signing up for a maintenance plan. Annual service provides both instant gratification in the form of lower utility bills and long term benefits, such as maximizing the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Whether your HVAC system needs a little tender love and care, or your toilet is leaking, scheduling service with John C. Flood can significantly lower your utility bills.

How An HVAC and Plumbing Inspection Can Lower Your Utility Bills

  • Replace outdated and inefficient HVAC units. If you have an older unit that has not been properly maintained, invest in a new model. The replacement costs may seem expensive, but they are well worth it. 
  • Seal leaks that result in energy waste. Sealing air leaks by adding caulk or weatherstripping around doors and windows can ensure that air that is cooled or heated doesn’t escape out of the home. Additionally, a plumbing inspection will check for leaks in all plumbing, including sinks, toilets, tubs, pipes, etc.
  • Evaluate health of HVAC and plumbing system components to avoid premature breakdown. A professional will ensure that all the intricacies of your HVAC or plumbing system are intact and recommend a repair or replacement if necessary. Repairing small issues can make your plumbing and HVAC system more efficient.
  • Decrease overall HVAC usage. By requesting to install a programmable thermostat, you can ensure that your air conditioner or furnace isn’t running to heat any empty home. John C. Flood offers coupons for a digital thermostat installation so you can set the HVAC system to stop running when you’re out of the house.
  • Increase airflow. It’s important to replace your AC filter every other month to ensure your HVAC system doesn’t have to work harder to push air through a clogged filter. A dirty air filter can lead to your house feeling too cold or hot even when your system is running. An HVAC inspection can ensure you have better airflow, which will prevent your HVAC system from prematurely dying.

Energy Saving Tips To Lower Your Utility Bill

There are a few easy ways to significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency and prevent an astronomical utility bill. 

Energy Saving Tips

HVAC Ideas

    • Use window treatments. Limiting the amount of sunlight entering your home can significantly cut back on cooling costs during warmer months. 
    • Close your fireplace damper. If you own a fireplace, keep the damper closed unless a fire is burning.  An open damper detracts for your HVAC system’s ability to control the air temperature within your home. During warmer months, an open damper forces your air conditioner to work harder to compensate for the incoming warm air. This can translate to higher utility bills.
    • Seasonally adjust your fan. Did you know the direction your ceiling fan can make your room cooler or warmer? By switching the setting on your fan, you can save money by relying on your heating and cooling system less often.

Plumbing Ideas

    • Slow your water pressure. Compatible faucet aerators can be installed on plumbing fixtures to slow the number of gallons per minute come out of your fixture. This translates to less work for your water heater and fewer overall gallons used per month.
    • Turn down your water heater temperature. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to cut back on utility costs. Every 10 degrees you lower the dial results in 10 percent annual savings on your energy bill. 
    • Wash laundry in cold water. 90% of the energy consumed by your washing machine is a result of heating the water for the cycle. By choosing to wash your clothes in cold water, you can lower your utility bill.

HVAC And Plumbing Inspections Pay For Themselves

Homeowners who neglect their plumbing and HVAC systems typically avoid this service because they perceive it as an unnecessary expense. Why “fix” something that isn’t broken? 

In actuality, regular preventive maintenance directly results in a reduction in energy costs. The price of regular service is a fraction of what a big repair might cost. In addition, the trained eyes of a certified professional will catch inefficiencies in your home that translate to a  high utility bill. 

Let John C. Flood Help Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

John C. Flood has over 100 years of experience servicing homes in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. region. Our team has seen it all and understands the problems specific to the area, such as polybutylene pipe issues and hissing air conditioning systems.

Regular plumbing maintenance and annual HVAC tune-ups can extend the lifespan of your home’s infrastructure, saving you time and increase the comfort of your home. Join our Service Partner Program to shield yourself from expensive, out-of-pocket costs. 

Call our team at 703-214-5611 to learn more about our maintenance plans or schedule service online today!

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