How HVAC Service Calls Work (And How to Avoid the Line)

Spring is here, and that means you’ll be doing two things very soon: switching off your heater and using your air conditioner a lot more often.

Do you get annual HVAC inspections for either system? If not, you could be risking serious damage. And if you damage those systems, you need HVAC repair fast. And if you need repairs fast…well, sometimes that doesn’t happen. How can you avoid damage, hassles and spending too much money? The answer is simple: Service plans.

A service plan may seem like a big commitment for just one residential home, but that’s not the case. Learn how traditional service calls work, why it’s seriously worth it to look into an annual service plan and why you should schedule Washington, D.C. AC repair in the springtime.

How HVAC service calls work

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve had to make a service call at least once in your lifetime. You know how it plays out: you call in your issue, speak with a Washington, D.C. HVAC service technician or customer service representative and they give you a time range of when you can expect a trained pro to show up at the door.

Now we know it’s tough to plan your full day when you’re given a time range. We know that your time is important, and no one wants to waste their morning or afternoon waiting for someone to show up at any point in the day. But we promise there’s a reason for it.

When a customer calls in an HVAC concern, a service technician can’t diagnose the full extent of the issues until he or she arrives to assess the problem. And even once they get there, they may run into an unforeseen problem or two along the way. No one wants their technician to leave before they’ve fully fixed the problem, so that means that there could be a delay in the arrival for the next appointment.

That’s why service companies have to give a time range. You may not like it when you’re the one waiting, but you’ll be glad when the technician doesn’t leave your service call without a full repair.

Why you should get an HVAC service plan

Just about everyone hates to wait, whether it’s for family, friends, the cable guy or a plumber. It’s just basic human nature that’s pre-programmed into all of us that when we give or receive a time, you make it – on time. But what if there was a way to get service without the wait? Our service plans are the answer.

Here at John C. Flood, for example, we offer annual maintenance service contracts called Service Partner Programs.

  • Shorter wait times. With an SPP service plan, you can jump ahead of other customers when you schedule your emergency plumbing, electrical or HVAC repairs. That means you don’t have to wait in line or wait longer than you need to in order to get something done.  
  • Fewer out-of-pocket costs. Maintenance agreements prevent untimely and costly breakdowns by ensuring that you’re achieving maximum comfort system efficiency while shielding you from expensive, out-of-pocket costs. Think about it – if your system is regularly maintained, those expensive breakdowns are far less likely to happen. 
  • More energy efficiency. Maintenance agreements can come in handy when something breaks down, but they’re also useful when it comes to preventative maintenance. For example, cleaning filters, dust, debris or adjusting fans can ensure your systems are running at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Here’s why you should get a service plan now.

As we get further into spring, and summer starts to creep up on us, we’re going to have those first few days of blistering heat spells.  Like any homeowner, that means you’ll turn to your HVAC unit to crank up your air conditioning. If you haven’t used your unit for a while, there may have been some kinks that you only notice. And if your unit conks out altogether, all you have to do is make a service call to get an air conditioning check.

Seems simple, right? Not exactly. The thing is, you’re not the only one in your area who needs Washington, D.C. AC repair. And if this is one of the first times experiencing higher temps (especially on the weekend), that means there will be an even higher amount of service calls — leaving your family waiting in the heat.

This is really the case when we’re on the cusp of any seasonal change that requires us to crank up the other side of our HVAC system. With an annual service contract, you’re ensured priority scheduling ahead of those who don’t (which means hours are cut off your wait time).

Schedule service today.

Have questions about Washington, D.C. HVAC service? Want to schedule an air conditioning check before the summer hits? Just call 703-214-5611!

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