How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

It’s possible you’ve been hesitant to dive into a full kitchen remodeling project because—well, it’s your kitchen. It’s the central hub of your home and your family needs to eat! We’re here to tell you though, it can certainly be done. There are steps you can take to prepare for a kitchen remodel so you feel confident in the process, you can prepare your family to be without a kitchen, and know what to expect.

With preparation—and of course, the right contractor—your kitchen remodel project will be a success. Keep these points in mind to save your family time, and headache during the kitchen remodel process.

How long will my kitchen remodel take?

We’re sure you won’t be surprised by our answer—it depends. But that’s the truth. How long your kitchen remodel will take depends on the size of your kitchen and the intensity of your renovations. Things like breaking down walls and repiping the plumbing can undoubtedly add to the timeline.

If you’re just redoing some cabinetry and painting, we’d hardly call that a kitchen remodel. The average kitchen remodel can take 4-6 weeks to complete. It’s a significant task to gut the space, then make the desired structural updates and place appliances and fixtures back in.

When you work with your Alexandria kitchen remodeling expert, they’ll be able to estimate the duration of the project, a crucial step to prepare for a kitchen remodel. It’s important to maintain realistic expectations so you, and your family, know what to expect out of the gate.

How do we survive during a kitchen remodel?

If your kitchen remodel is more than just cosmetic, it’s best to just assume that you’ll be without your kitchen for the duration of the project. If you try to “work around” the remodeling team, it’ll cause unwanted delays and headaches for both parties.

Here are the steps to prepare for a kitchen remodel and still eat at home:

  • Identify a makeshift kitchen. It could be a small area in your finished basement, garage or guest room. This is where you can still plug in basic cooking equipment and pour a bowl of cereal. If possible, move your fridge here, too. Make sure your ‘new kitchen’ is out of the way of construction.
  • Clean out your kitchen equipment. Use this as a time to clean out things you no longer use or don’t need. And store those odd pieces you’re keeping but don’t need in your makeshift kitchen. Think: waffle iron and standing mixer.
  • Stock the pantry with disposables. Make sure you’ve got enough paper products to get through this time without use of your dishwasher or kitchen sink. Or use large plastic bins to wash dishes.
  • Stock the pantry with non-perishable items. It’s always helpful to have non-perishable items for snack needs that are easy to grab and need little to no preparation.
  • Don’t forget about your grill! If the weather permits, put your grill to use. Most things that you’d be putting in an oven can be cooked just as well on the grill.
  • Adopt a simple menu. If you’re used to cooking elaborate meals, think about simpler alternatives before the big day hits. Frozen prepared foods, microwave entrees, salads, sandwiches or canned soups are good options to keep cooking and clean up at a minimum. Don’t plan on eating out each night—you’ll soon get tired of that. And so will your wallet.  

Common delays in kitchen remodeling projects

We’ve all seen the HGTV episodes and it simply wouldn’t be a home remodel project without a minor, or major discovery that comes out of the blue. Project delays or discoveries do not happen because of a lack of due diligence by your kitchen remodeling team. But when preparing for a kitchen remodel, there’s only so much that can be inspected and analyzed without taking the walls down and prying up floorboards.

Some common delays in kitchen remodeling projects can include:

  • Pre-existing conditions: If the homeowner doesn’t know about these in advance, they can be discovered when walls come down or floor boards come up. This includes termites, mold, rot, etc.
  • Weather: This is a real downer but can absolutely delay progress. This may not be as big of a deal if you aren’t taking down walls or installing new windows, but nonetheless, it can cause problems.
  • Lead times or backorders: If we request that you make selections for tile, lighting or fixtures in the beginning, it’s because we’re trying to avoid a delay in getting these items.
  • Permit delays: Not every kitchen remodeling project in Alexandria requires a permit, but if yours does, the process for getting a permit can vary.

If you’re working with a kitchen remodeling expert in Alexandria, you can be sure they’re well-versed in common delays. But nonetheless, sometimes unforeseen things can cause problems. Nearly 100 people are directly or indirectly involved with your project from making the tile, fixtures, cabinets to delivery and installation and subcontractors, etc. You can be sure that our team will communicate clearly with you about any potential or current delays.

The role homeowners play in kitchen remodeling projects

To prepare for a kitchen remodel, it’s both a physical and mental preparation for the homeowner. The physical preparation that we’ve listed above will make sure your space is prepped and the contractor can get started right away. Other tips include:

  • Do your best to stay out of the kitchen area as much as possible. This will decrease clutter and the literal event of “too many cooks in the kitchen.”
  • Be sure your pets are out of the way during the remodeling and don’t interfere with the in-progress space. This can also be dangerous to them with certain debris or material around.
  • Extra communication up-front is important. If there are special things you want the team to know—make sure you tell them. It really is a team effort during the kitchen remodel.
  • If you’ve been planning a vacation or getaway—now’s the ideal time to take it! While you may not logically be gone for 4-6 full weeks, one week out of the mayhem could be helpful.

Don’t wait any longer on your kitchen remodeling project

Now that you know how to prepare for a kitchen remodel in your home, start your vision board, save up a little each month and make your dream space a reality! Living through a kitchen remodel is perfectly possible with a little extra preparation. Contact the Alexandria kitchen remodeling services experts at John C. Flood, Give us a call at (703) 214-5611 or scheduling a consultation online.  

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