How to Protect Your Home From Water Main Breaks

Noting puts a damper on a home renovation project like water main breaks.

Adding a deck, remodeling a garage or adding a home addition are hot projects for 2016. Poor planning, however, can lead to a serious problem: a water main break. Do you want to be the neighbor who floods the entire block because of a poorly-placed shovel? Probably not. Avoid big problems by preventing water main breaks before they happen.

How to prevent water main breaks


1. Be careful digging!

Sometimes, you have to dig. But remember: there’s more to the ground than just dirt! There are pipes buried all over your property – including your water main.

Before you starting any digging project, verify pipe placement for all of your utilities. That way, you and your contractor can avoid creating a big, expensive and maybe even illegal mess.

2. Investigate water pressure issues.

If your water isn’t flowing from your faucet, it’s probably flowing somewhere else. If you can’t pinpoint a water pressure issue inside your home, you may need to explore underground.

Wet soil, water bubbling out of hydrants or water visibly running on streets and sidewalks are key indicators of water main breaks.

3. Report any nearby soil erosion.

Keep an eye on your yard. Soil erosion could inadvertently expose a water main to the elements.

Avoid risk by reporting sites of soil erosion or exposed pipes. Your neighbors will be glad you did!

What to do when a water main breaks

Water main is already broken? You can handle it! If disaster strikes, take these steps to reduce the overall damage to your home:

Report to Water Authority ASAP

Safety first! Call your local water authority and report the main break immediately.

Pipe damage on your property may indicate deeper issues on a main line hidden under the street or sidewalk.

Touch base with your local plumber for property issues.

The water authority in your city or town is great for handling public pipe issues. Generally, when a water main breaks under the street, your local government is responsible for maintenance. When it breaks on your property, it’s on you. Call your local plumbing professional to help you discern the difference and tackle those problems directly affecting your property.

Get help for a water main break

Predicting when a water main will go is challenging. However, following the above-mentioned steps can help reduce your risk. If you’re in the midst of a main break situation, John C. Flood can help you quickly repair the problem. If a water main break has caused flooding issues in your home, our water damage restoration services in Alexandria can help get your home back to normal. 

Using the latest ‘trenchless’ technology, we can quickly identify and repair water main breaks  putting your home and yard at risk. Call today at 703-214-5611!

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