Make Your Bathroom Sink The Next Stop In Your Spring Cleaning Regimen

Previously, we discussed how getting your basement dry and clean is an imperative part of your spring cleaning regimen. Today, we’ll take a look at another area of your house where a solid once-over is needed following the end of the dog-days of winter. This time, instead of alleviating potential disasters that may have gone unnoticed during the colder months, we recommend taking a few preventative steps to ensure you won’t have to contend with costly repairs further down the line.

The bathroom sink, for example, is a fixture that gets a lot of use by members of the household but rarely enjoys a thorough tune-up. While a plumbing problem such as a clogged sink may not be as costly as, say, a broken toilet, it is still an annoyance that can be prevented. In addition, a leaky faucet may seem to be at most irritating, but over time you’ll see your water bill go up if it isn’t addressed.

If your bathroom sink doesn’t have a strainer, hair and other debris is more likely to get caught in the U-trap that excess water flows down, eventually clogging the drain. Put strainers in all of your sinks when you are cleaning up your bathroom and replace old ones if they are loose or simply not performing optimally.

Make sure that your faucets are tightened as well, so that they are adequately turning off the flow of water. If a leak persists after you do this, contact an experienced Fairfax plumber like John C. Flood to inspect your sink by calling 703-214-5611.

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