A few special days are set aside throughout the year to honor the service and sacrifice made by service members and their families. However, the cost of this selfless service is often carried off the battlefield and back home.

Over 20 veterans take their own lives every day, according to a Department of Veterans Affairs study. To raise awareness around this sobering statistic and help turn the tide of this pervasive crisis, John C. Flood teamed up with a special organization called Mission 22.

Mission 22 is a non-profit dedicated to combatting the ever-rising veteran suicide rate. Their motto succinctly and effectively describes the character of their mission: It takes a community to heal a warrior.™

John C. Flood will donate a portion of all HVAC service proceeds to Mission 22 throughout November. Our team supports Mission 22 in its effort to aid our nation’s heroes in their recovery and stands united in the war against veteran suicide.

What Does Mission 22 Do To Support Veterans?

Mission 22 aims to combat veteran suicide through its three main pillars: fund and facilitate veteran treatment programs, establish memorials, and raise national awareness.

Mission 22 provides access to treatment programs for veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and more. The nonprofit also organizes events and builds memorials to create a social impact and increase awareness of the physical and mental health challenges veterans face on and off the battlefield.

Finally, Mission 22 has an ambassador program for individuals to get involved. Ambassadors educate the public on the issues veterans are facing, help facilitate the process of enrolling veterans into Mission 22 treatment programs, and provide access to resources for veterans in their communities.

Through these three programs, Mission 22 advocates on behalf of our nation’s heroes and aims to end veteran suicide.

Why Is This Cause Important To The John C. Flood Team?

John C. Flood has served Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia for over 100 years. During the last century, our team has served families of deployed service members, individuals who are active duty military members, and veterans. We have seen firsthand the strain and toll that such a selfless act can have on individuals and their loved ones.

“We are thrilled to be helping to support Mission 22’s efforts,” says John C. Flood Marketing Director Chris Thompson. “All of us at John C. Flood recognize the sacrifice veterans make. We believe that we all must take part in helping the recovery of veterans facing PTSD and injuries sustained while defending our country.”

A portion of all HVAC service proceeds during the month of November will be donated directly to Mission 22. Additionally, John C. Flood is helping to raise awareness of Mission 22 by adding their logo to all service trucks. 

What Will John C. Flood’s Contribution Benefit?

All donations received by Mission 22 go into a general use fund, but there are certain priorities that the organization is currently focusing on.

“The biggest need for funding right now is for our Warrior Integration Now (WIN) program,” says Mission 22 Public Relations Director Diane McCall. “The cost is $6,000 per veteran to go through this program.  Mission 22 provides these programs at zero cost to the veteran. This partnership with John C. Flood will further the work our WIN program does to support veterans.”

WIN is a 12-month program with the goal to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of trauma. It does this by addressing the underlying physiological and psychological imbalances caused by trauma. The goal is to teach veterans valuable skills to re-establish their transformational role within their families and communities.

Schedule HVAC Service With John C. Flood To Support Veterans

As we change seasons, it’s the perfect time for HVAC maintenance. If you schedule HVAC service during the month of November, you’ll be supporting Mission 22 in its efforts to combat veteran suicide.

Something as simple as a cooling inspection could be helping to save a life. Call (703) 214-5611 or schedule HVAC service from Flood online today!

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