Sometimes You Gotta Do It: Relining Sewer Drains

The words “sewer repair” may be one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Why? Well, most people traditionally associate the term with pipe replacement. A full replacement is a very stressful, destructive process — and one that most homeowners’ insurance policies tend to exclude if regular wear and tear cause the damage.

When one Angie’s List member, for example, had a messy wastewater backup that caused damaged pipes, his company quoted a price of $12,000 to $18,000 to expose and replace the sewer pipes (which would also destroy his driveway, landscaping and most of his yard).

But what if there was a more cost-effective, hassle-free process to fix your pipes’ cracks, leaks or other structural damage? As it turns out, there is: Relining your sewer drain pipes. Not sure what that means? Not to worry — we’re here to walk you through what sewer drain pipe relining is, why homeowners choose this method and how exactly the process works.

What is sewer drain pipe relining?

Sewer pipe relining is the process of repairing damaged sewer and drain pipes by creating a ‘pipe within a pipe’ to restore function and flow. Most Fairfax plumbers use epoxy relining materials that mold to the inside of the existing pipe to create a smooth new inner wall.

Plumbing professionals can perform sewer pipe relining through a building’s clean-out access and the whole process often requires little digging. The experts use this method to repair root-damaged pipes, seal cracks and holes, fill in missing pipe and seal joint connections underground, in roof drain pipes, in storm lines and under concrete. The relined pipe is seamless and durable, and all materials used in the relining process are non-hazardous.

The benefits of relining your sewer pipes.

Do your sewer and drain pipes need some TLC? Here are the many reasons why homeowners decide to reline and not replace:

  • Affordable costs. Pipe relining is a very cost-effective maintenance option. Compared to a pipe replacement, there is way less labor, fewer materials costs and minimal damage — which means you don’t have to pay for those high repair prices. 
  • Minimal landscape disruption. Not only is pipe replacement expensive, but it causes major damage to your landscape — including concrete or other pavement, plant cover or other land that may have taken ages to develop. Even more, it may take a long time before the ground fully restores itself. With pipe relining, there’s minimal surface destruction.  
  • Safer procedure. When plumbing professionals disrupt your ground surface, it can be quite risky.  The accompanying holes, trenches or other uncontrolled debris can cause accidents (especially with children or pets). Relining is a much simpler process — making it a safer alternative. 
  • Increased value. Sewer systems are one of the key parts of a home inspection. Relining reinforces your pipes with epoxy resin and eliminates any weak points and joints (making it more efficient) — boosting your home’s value. 
  • Streamlined process. It takes far less time to reline pipes than it does to dig up and repair an existing system. Not only does this help keep your costs down, but it gets you back to restoring your original landscape much faster.

Here’s how sewer drain pipe relining works.

Unless you’re a plumbing pro, you probably aren’t very familiar with the relining process. Here’s a look at how the plumbing experts tackle relining sewer drains:

  • Seamless pipe liners. For the millions of homes built for the burgeoning population of the ‘50s and ‘60s (where sewer lines are reaching their expected lives), a cured-in-place pipe liner is an affordable and durable solution to smoothing the interior surface of deteriorating piping. The seamless application restores impermeability — eliminating leaks and future deterioration due to oxidation while improving flow and plumbing in Fairfax. 
  • Epoxy injections. Plumbing professionals can effectively correct in-hole leaks, bursts at junctions and lead contamination from leaching pipe joints from within the pipe. Non-hazardous epoxy materials injected through clean outs, drains and shut-off valve terminations coat pipe walls with a seamless, durable material (much like the lining of premium canned food containers).

    The experts for plumbing in Fairfax will dry the pipes — sandblasting the inside walls with pressurized air and a mineral that removes corrosion and oxidation and prepares the walls to accept the lining, then applying the epoxy lining. They can use this process on galvanized or black iron, steel, copper or plastic piping, as well as coal tar impregnated cellulose fiber pipes that have not collapsed. Generally, a professional can employ epoxy relining wherever it’s possible to create a pipe within a pipe. 
  • Visual inspection. Plumbers will often enhance the process by using visual inspection systems and fiber optic lighting to inspect pipes before and during the process to gauge the degree of deterioration, the diameter of the pipe, and effectiveness of the installation. Best of all, sewer pipe relining is trenchless and does not require extensive excavation of your property.

Reline your sewer drains today.

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of your sewer pipes is not a pleasant responsibility, but it’s something every responsible homeowner must do. If you’ve noticed water backup, clogs, rust, bubbling noises from your sink, tub or toilet, or an odor in the yard, these are tell tale signs. If you need to reline your sewer drain pipe, contact the expert plumbers who can get the job done.

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