Tips For Securing an Air Conditioner Unit From Theft

If your home is equipped with window air conditioning units, it is vitally important that you secure these devices and your windows so as to prevent home invasion and theft. Many homeowners and apartment dwellers will install these systems without putting in place any protection that would keep intruders from removing them and sneaking into the house, or simply taking the AC unit.

There are ways to protect yourself against such threats. Here are some tips for securing your home against these incidents:

  • Install an AC bracket on the outside of the house. Not only does this provide support for the AC so that it doesn’t fall out of the window, it can also make theft virtually impossible if the bracket is also bolted to the unit.
  • Put sliding window locks in your windows. These make it possible to keep them from opening beyond the AC so that thieves can’t simply lift it out of the window frame.
  • Screw the plastic vent guards on the side of the AC to the window frame itself. Use at least three screws, and ensure that there are no cracks or holes between the vent and the frame.

You can avoid the issue entirely by investing in a central AC system installed by a Washington DC HVAC service contractor. With a central unit, you can leave your windows shut and locked at all times, rather than having to choose whether to cool your house or protect your property from theft. Schedule a consultation with the experts at John C. Flood by calling 703-214-6511 today and we can determine what type of AC system is right for your home.

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