Tips to Avoid a Fire Hazard When Using Recessed Lighting

A common mistake is using recessed lighting that produces too much heat for the amount of space left between the dropped ceiling and the original. When installing these devices, ensure an electrician verifies there is enough ventilation and room between objects that excess heat won’t make the area a fire hazard.

Recessed lighting is commonly used in rooms where ceiling height is an issue. These fixtures are essentially placed flush into your ceiling and project light from a hole or an opening on an otherwise clear plane.

Often you’ll find this kind of lighting in an area that utilizes dropped ceilings with removable panels. Ceilings like these are usually implemented because they are concealing pipes or wiring that is exposed beneath the original ceiling – this practice can commonly be seen in basements and industrial spaces where aesthetics weren’t initially taken into consideration.

Since recessed lighting is usually exposed to the underside of sensitive wiring or pipes, there are a number of potential dangers that present themselves when these fixtures are used.

If you notice that you have a recessed lighting fixture that is dim and periodically flickers back to full brightness, this may be a sign that the wattage of the light bulb is too powerful for the lamp. Most recessed models will have heating sensors built in that automatically dim the light to avoid flames. One solution might be to lower the strength of the bulbs that you use in these features, although the bigger problem may be that your lighting instruments themselves were installed in too close quarters.

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