What Is The Perfect Temperature?

Have you ever wondered why it’s harder for you to concentrate at certain times of the day or why it’s impossible for you to sleep when it feels too hot?

It’s all a question of temperature regulation. Regular body temperature is approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit  but we are also constantly burning energy and generating more heat. Our bodies need to get rid of heat at the right rate to maintain that average body temperature. If the temperature in your home or office is too low, then the air around you saps your body heat faster than you generate it, bringing down your average temperature, which drains your energy and makes you drowsy. If it’s too hot and air isn’t able to absorb enough of your heat, then it stays inside and causes your body temperature to rise, making you uncomfortable and sweaty.

This can cause you to be tired when you need to be productive and stay awake when you need to rest. This makes temperature control very important in your everyday life if you want to function efficiently.

There is, however, a perfect temperature that allows you to do just that. At roughly 72 degrees Fahrenheit you’re body is able to release heat at the correct rate to maintain a suitable internal temperature. When you’re ready to sleep, your brain works like an internal thermostat and lowers that temperature by a couple degrees so that 68 degrees Fahrenheit then becomes just what you need to go to sleep and stay asleep.

If you work from home or you’re worried about your ability to get to sleep at night, you may need to invest in an HVAC system with a programmable thermostat. John C. Flood is the D.C., Alexandria, VA, and Rockville, MD AC installation, maintenance and repair company you should trust for quality products and to make sure your AC and thermostat perform perfectly. Just call 703-214-5611!

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