What It Takes to Move the Plumbing During a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling projects come in all shapes and sizes, literally and figuratively. Some kitchen remodel projects are purely aesthetic and require fewer hours and materials. Others are a complete re-work that require a new footprint, new walls, new plumbing, new counters and cabinets — the works.

The cost of materials and labor for your dream kitchen can vary dramatically. Aside from prices varying on material selection, certain rearrangements can cause an increase in time and cost. What does it take to move the plumbing in a kitchen remodel? What if you’re looking to move the kitchen sink? Let’s walk through the different types of kitchen remodels and what to consider, specific to your plumbing.

How do I plan a kitchen remodel?

The kitchen is the hub of your home, so it needs to serve a few purposes: it needs to be inviting, functional and aesthetically-pleasing. Here are some questions to answer and points to consider when planning a kitchen remodel.

  • Do you want to change the footprint of the kitchen?
  • Are you tearing down or building walls?
  • Do you want to move your plumbing, or maybe add a new plumbing feature like a pot filler or a prep sink?
  • Consider new flooring
  • Think about new appliances, either in place of existing ones, or entirely new ones like a second oven or built-in microwave
  • Do you want new cabinetry? Do you need MORE storage options?
  • Are you looking to have new lighting?
  • Aesthetically, how will it all fit together?

When building your dream kitchen, walk through each of the questions to understand if your remodel is a large-scale job or a smaller-scale effort. Either way, it’s best to consult with a kitchen remodeling expert.

Plumbing considerations during a kitchen remodel

All existing utilities will need to be thought through during a kitchen remodel, including propane, natural gas, electric, and plumbing.

Are you changing the footprint of your kitchen?

If you’re looking to go from a U-shaped kitchen to a galley, or maybe an L-shaped kitchen, this impacts your plumbing. Before re-working the footprint of your kitchen, think to yourself, is it really the shape I dislike, or the organization of my utilities? This could save time and money by just rearranging rather than breaking down walls. An expert could think of fixes you hadn’t previously considered.

Hot and cold water supply

Your kitchen sink needs access to both hot and cold water. Your dishwasher can sometimes plug in to these pipes, so their access can be extended from the sink plumbing. The key: don’t put your dishwasher and your sink too far apart.

Don’t forget about wastewater

Both your kitchen sink and dishwasher need access to a wastewater pipe. This is where they send off the already-used water. These are sometimes tricky to extend if you’re moving your kitchen sink or plumbing because they need to be installed at a gradient. Makes sense, right? Water needs to flow away.

Choose your sink before installing new kitchen cabinets or countertops

Sometimes the pipe coming out of the wall that hooked up to your previous sink isn’t at the ideal height for the new sink. Or maybe you’ll need a new hole in your new kitchen cabinets to run the appropriate pipe. Work closely with your kitchen remodel expert in Alexandria on this part of the project to minimize damage or duplication of work.

Is your refrigerator a little fancier now?

Not the digital kind that talks to you and shows you the contents of your fridge. But if you’ve never had a refrigerator that produces ice or has a built-in water dispenser, it needs your plumbing. If a new fridge is on your list of appliances, add this to your list of topics to discuss.

During a kitchen remodel, plumbing should be inspected regardless

Even if you’re not planning to relocate or reroute any plumbing pipes at all, they still should be checked by a plumbing professional in Alexandria. It’s important to get your plumbing inspected prior to any planned demolition. The plumber will look for issues if your pipes are worn out, faulty or no longer comply with current codes.

So much of Alexandria is beautiful, historic homes — that could have galvanized pipes. These pipes can deteriorate over time and can be more prone to clogs. If you’ve had problems with your kitchen plumbing, during your kitchen remodel is the time to bring it up! Getting these pipes replaced while countertops and cabinets are in flux is the best time.

Make your kitchen remodel a success

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in your Virginia home, take into consideration your existing kitchen plumbing and what it takes to move the plumbing during a remodel. John C. Flood is your local expert in plumbing and kitchen remodeling, just call 703-214-5611!

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