What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter at Night

Arguing over the thermostat temperature is common in homes with multiple residents. One family member may prefer it warmer while another enjoys a cool living space.

If you find yourself constantly fighting over the thermostat in winter or wondering what temperature to set the thermostat in winter at night for energy efficiency, then we’re here to help.

If you’re hoping to reduce your heating temperatures while staying comfortable, then understanding how to set the thermostat in winter to satisfy everyone in the home is a necessary skill. Let’s dive right in.

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter During the Day?

If this question were easily answered, then there would be no more arguments in homes about temperatures and indoor comfort levels.

Thankfully, we do have some information for you on the ideal indoor temperature during the winter if you’re looking to stay cozy and save money on your heating bill.

Typically, it’s ideal to set the thermostat in winter to 68 degrees. Let’s dive into more details about why down below.

We All Like Different Temperature Settings

Keep in mind that everyone responds to the weather and seasonal changes of winter in a unique way. Moods can be adversely affected by the weather and early darkness, which may prompt us to raise the thermostat to a cozier temperature.

Some of us prefer to turn up the heat and curl up in a fleece blanket while binge-watching something on the couch. For others of us, we don’t like wasting all that extra money on the heating bill.

Always remember that it does take a lot of energy to heat your house throughout the winter months, especially if you’re opting for temperatures in the 70s and up.

Families across the United States are often searching for a solution to lower heating costs while still keeping the family cozy and warm. This is perfectly normal, seeing as natural gas prices are increasing.

The greatest approach to conserve energy and reduce your monthly heating bills is to adjust your thermostat appropriately to maintain your home’s temperature at the ideal level of comfort.

Energy Star Recommends 68 Degrees

The ideal setting for your thermostat for winter is a surprising 68 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Energy Star. Many individuals may find that 68 degrees is a bit too low a temperature for their preference in winter but there are advantages to keeping your home in this setting.

It can be very taxing on your HVAC system to force your furnace or heating system to maintain a high indoor temperature while it’s freezing outside.

Your heating costs tend to soar if your furnace keeps operating at its highest level while trying to attain a higher temperature setting.

This additional operational stress on your system not only heightens your energy bill but may necessitate furnace repair.

Keeping a more reasonable temperature setting like 68 degrees still allows for some warmth in your home without overly stressing your machinery.

Your home will feel warm compared to the winter temperatures outside while providing you with those energy savings you want, keeping your utility bills low, and lengthening the lifespan of your furnace.

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter at Night?

Again, if this question were easily answered, we would all have perfect indoor temperatures. Always keep in mind that different people have different preferences and health requirements and you should keep that in mind when choosing your temperature settings.

That being said, ideally, you should lower your indoor temperatures by 10-12 degrees during the night. That would mean that the ideal temperature you should set for your thermostat in winter is 55-58 degrees.

This might seem counter-intuitive for homeowners who think that because the outdoor temperatures drop during the night you may want to increase your indoor temperatures. You may find that lowering the temperature on your thermostat at night improves your quality of sleep while reducing your energy costs.

Not only are you less likely to notice the cold, but you may find yourself far more comfortable in bed with all your blankets and pillows.

What’s the Lowest Temperature I Can Set the Thermostat in Winter?

Even if you’re a fan of the cold and like to keep a cold house, there is a minimum temperature for your unit. During the winter months, your furnace should be kept at a minimum of 50 degrees.

This will help protect your home’s appliances, pipes, and other objects from freezing overnight (or even during the day during cold months).

This is true even if you plan on being away for a while on a vacation over the cold months. You should keep even an unoccupied home warm enough to prevent freezing. Let the heat flow through the home to prevent property damage and avoid expensive repairs.

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