What You Need To Know About The New Water Heater Regulations

One of the most essential parts of any home is the hot water heater. For all of the laundry you do, warm showers you take during the cold winter months, and water you use to cook, the hot water heater is there to keep your entire household comfortable and running smoothly.

Water Heater Background

The good news is that these machines generally last about a decade. So, once you invest in a new one, you don’t have to think about getting a new one for quite some time, provided that you take good care of the machine and regularly inspect it for any potential issues.

If you have had your hot water heater for about 10 years, you should think about getting it replaced within the next two months are so. The reason for this rushed timeline is due to the United States Department of Energy, which will begin enforcing new governmental regulations and restrictions on hot water heaters in April of this year.

The New Water Heater Regulations Overview

The goal of these new regulations is to ensure that only water heaters that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient are manufactured and sold. However, it could end up costing homeowners more money down the road.

‘The new government mandates will force manufacturers of gas, electric or oil fired water heaters to increase their efficiency by April 2015,’ David Heffner of Heffner Plumbing told a local Indianapolis Fox affiliate. ‘That will undoubtedly increase their cost, but right now we don’t know by how much.’

The purpose of these new regulations is to make sure that homes are consuming less energy on a regular basis, which is good for the protection of the environment. But, in the short-term, it means that buying a new hot water heater could become more costly. This is something that will be passed along to those investing in the machines.

Resulting Price Increases From Changes

Some experts in the industry project that the price increases could range anywhere from 15 to 35% higher than they currently are. This does not including installation and maintenance costs, which always vary from household to household.

How To Avoid the Extra Costs

That is why, if you are thinking about purchasing a new hot water heater, you should do it now rather than later. If you choose to roll the dice and wait another year or so before investing in a new machine, you will then have to deal with all of the costly standards.

By buying a new one in the next month or two, you can still get a hot water heater as they currently exist, and not have to worry about the changing standards and regulations for a full decade.

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