Why is My AC Running But Not Cooling?

It’s not uncommon for your air conditioning system to run into issues, especially as temperatures rise and the summer moves forward. If you realize one day that your AC is running but not cooling, you may have encountered a serious HVAC malfunction. Read on to learn more about your AC unit and discover the possible reasons behind this cooling malfunction.

Why is My AC Running But Not Cooling My House?

Here are some of the most common reasons why air conditioners run but don’t cool homes:

The Evaporator Coil is Frozen

A frozen evaporator coil can cause a lot of problems for your AC unit, including cooling issues. As warm air passes through your air conditioner and over your evaporator coils, the heat and humidity are removed from the air so that cool, comfortable air can flow through your home’s vents. In some situations — especially if the evaporator coils are dirty — they can freeze over as condensation builds up. This leads to many problems for your AC unit, such as turning the air on but not cooling your home.

Refrigerant Leaks

If you need to figure out why your AC is running but not cooling, it could be due to a refrigerant leak. For your AC unit to operate correctly and the evaporator coils to cool the air, refrigerant is required. This is a chemical that extracts heat from the air and cools it down before your AC unit pushes air into the rest of your home.

When an air conditioner has a refrigerant leak, it’s unable to perform properly. That means you’ll deal with ineffective cooling or even a system shutdown.

Inefficient Air Ducts

Not all homeowners are aware of how important the ductwork in their home can be for their indoor air comfort. Keep in mind that the ducts are the pathway for cool air to transfer throughout your home. If you have any leaks in your ducts, they become hugely inefficient and can lead to your air conditioner not cooling but running.

What to Do If Your Air Is on but Not Cooling

If you find your air conditioner not cooling but running, reach out to John C. Flood for professional assistance. Our team can help investigate the issue and repair any problems we find. We also offer regular maintenance packages to keep our customer’s HVAC units working all year long.

Alternatively, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue on your own. Here are two easy troubleshooting steps to implement if your AC is running but not cooling:

1. Double-Check Your Thermostat

Your thermostat settings might need adjusting. If your AC unit was recently serviced or if you live with people who may have changed it, then you may simply need to change it to “cool” and set it to your desired temperature.

2. Check Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter can wreak all sorts of havoc on your HVAC system. Consistently changing your air filter is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner to preserve the life of your unit.

The air filter collects dirt, dust, and other particles in the air to keep your air conditioner clean and running optimally. Once a filter is full of dirt, however, it can’t protect your air conditioner anymore and can end up worsening the debris infiltrating your unit.

Professional HVAC Repair

If your thermostat is on all the correct settings and the air filter is clean but you’re still dealing with issues with your air conditioner cooling, it’s time to call in a professional. Contact John C. Flood to schedule a service with one of our professional HVAC technicians.

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