Why is My Toilet Making Noise After Flushing?

Noticing your toilet making noise after flushing can be both annoying and concerning, especially if it starts making a noise you haven’t heard before. First things first, don’t panic: This is a pretty common toilet issue.

As a homeowner, it can be helpful to learn how to fix toilet noise so you can make your home more comfortable and also so you know if there’s a serious issue with your plumbing.

If you’re wondering, “Why is my toilet making noise?” or “why does my toilet squeal when I flush it?” then keep reading. We’ve put together all the information you need so you can understand the cause behind your toilet making noise after flushing and how to fix toilet noise.

While these tips will help you troubleshoot the issue, always reach out to a professional plumber like John C. Flood for an official diagnosis and resolution of your issue.

Why Is My Toilet Making Noise

Numerous issues can arise with your toilet and cause it to make strange noises. You may have a straightforward running toilet (which is typically an easy fix — all you need to do is replace a simple valve), or you might have something like a toilet overflow or water leaks.

A toilet that makes noise after flushing or filling may be leaking, have calcium or other material clogging the pipes, or simply need to be replaced, depending on the type of noise it makes.

Keep in mind that the first sign that something is awry with your toilet is when the toilet starts making strange noises. There are numerous potential reasons why your toilet can be making noises both when it is flushed and when it is not in use, but identifying the problem early is the key to reducing damages and repair costs, especially if the toilet needs to be replaced.

Common Reasons a Toilet Makes Noise After Flushing

  • Leaky toilet valve

  • Broken or poorly operating fill valve

  • Calcium buildup inside the plumbing and pipes

If you find your toilet making noise after flushing, check the condition of your toilet first. You may find that the valves are looking old and brittle, which may mean you simply need to replace them to resolve the issue.

If you don’t immediately see the answer to your question, “Why is my toilet making noise?” then it will help to call in professional help.

Why Does My Toilet Squeal When I Flush It?

If your toilet is making a high-pitched squealing noise every time you flush it, don’t panic. A squealing noise coming from your toilet after a flush is related to the toilet tank refilling. This is a very common sound and a problem with toilets with an easy, cheap fix.

Over time and through flushes, it’s normal for the fill valve to slowly decay until it’s not operating properly. This can be an indicator of a larger issue, but it’s typically nothing urgent.

You might be able to resolve the issue by adjusting the float valve mechanism, but the parts are very cheap so you can also replace them.

If you are comfortable handling plumbing issues and confident in your ability to handle the job, you can replace the float valve on your own. You can also enlist the help of a skilled plumber if you aren’t sure how to replace the piece or how to find the right equipment to replace it.

Other Common Sounds Toilets Make After Flushing

1. Rushing Water or Knocking

A water knock noise is a common homeowner complaint and it can occur in more places than just your toilet flushing. Since water is non-compressible, it flows within your pipes freely, but when a pipe is closed while the water is running, it can slam against the sides of the pipes or inside the fittings.

This can cause a hammering, banging, or slapping sound. It may even lead to vibrating in your home’s piping.

If you notice a loud banging noise after flushing, it’s likely due to the sudden rushing and then stopping of water in your pipes. While this isn’t a serious issue, the extra motion can lead to your pipes deteriorating before their time.

You can reduce the water flow to your toilet by adjusting the shut-off valve, lessening the overall impact of the water. Make sure you don’t reduce the water pressure so much that your toilet is unable to refill.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, talk to your plumber about installing a regulated fill valve on your toilet tank.

2. Hissing

This noise is almost always due to a deteriorating flapper, but it can also be due to issues with the overflow tube. The fill valve or the toilet ballock may not be not properly set, causing water into the overflow tube for no reason. Adjust the fill valve and toilet ballock levels to see if you can stop the noise.

3. Gurgles

Gurgling can be a complicated issue in a toilet since sometimes it means nothing while other gurgles are an indicator of a blockage in either the sewer drain, vent stack, or the toilet–which is a serious repair. Don’t attempt to resolve a piping clog on your own, especially if it’s in a complex area like a toilet. Reach out to a professional plumber to fix the issue safely.

How to Fix a Toilet Noise

The best way to fix toilet noises is to enlist the help of a professional plumber who can properly diagnose the issue and resolve it in the most efficient way possible. Attempting to tackle plumbing issues on your own can be a way to save money upfront, but can lead to expensive repairs if you don’t do the job right.

Call John C. Flood today at 703-214-5611 if you are facing any issues or strange noises with your toilet. We can get a service visit scheduled right away to help get all your plumbing in the best shape possible.

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