6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

As technology and innovation continue to improve, the means of making your home more energy-efficient increases. There is new technology, useful apps, efficiency improvements, and more to help us all live a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly life. 

If you’re looking to help lower your energy bills or reduce the negative impact you have on the earth, then here are 6 easy ways how you can make your home energy efficient. 

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient 

1. Be Flexible With Your Thermostat

If you’re looking for how to make a house energy efficient, the thermostat is one of the first places you can look. You can lower your energy bills by not forcing your AC to push as hard during the summer and your heater to work less during the winter. Rather than keeping your home at a constant 70 degrees, consider some energy-saving options. 

Open the windows when the weather is pleasant rather than running the AC. Keep your home a few degrees colder in the winter and get comfy with blankets and sweaters. You can also turn the temperature up when it’s warmer or down when it’s colder when you know you’ll be away from home, that way the HVAC system isn’t running to keep an empty home comfortable. Even dropping your temperature by three to five degrees can noticeably reduce your monthly utility bill.

2. Make Sure Your Windows and Doors Are Sealed

One of the easiest ways to make your home energy efficient is to check on the windows and doors. Improperly sealed windows and doors are the first places air goes in and out. If you’re looking to save on energy bills, then try sealing all the air leaks around the windows in your home and make sure your doors seal properly when they close. You can even add some weatherstripping around the frames or a line of caulking over cracks to be sure you seal all the gaps.

3. Turn Off the Lights When You Leave

When looking into how to make your house more energy-efficient, you need to look at your own energy usage. You might be surprised at how much energy the light you left on in your bedroom all day used up. Make it a habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room and you’ll watch your energy bills drop. Additionally, make use of all the natural light you can during the day. Open up the blinds to let your home be lit with sunlight rather than constantly needing your lights on, and consider using bulbs that require less energy to light.

4. Unplug Chargers and Cables Not in Use

While you might not think that your cell phone chargers are using up energy when your phone isn’t charging, you’d be wrong. According to Energy.gov, chargers typically consume 0.26 watts of energy when not in use compared to the 2.24 watts when connected to your phone or laptop. While one charger isn’t going to make a huge impact on your energy bill, multiple chargers and unused cables certainly will. So while you’re figuring out how to make your house more energy-efficient, unplug your chargers and cables when not in use. 

5. Don’t Leave Water Running

Water usage might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to figure out how to make your home energy efficient. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, however, homeowners can save $170 annually on average by adjusting their water usage.

Reduce your water waste by not running the water while brushing your teeth, shaving, or doing dishes. Keep in mind the amount of water you use while bathing (typically 75 gallons of water) compared to showering (typically 17 gallons). You could also consider using low-flow showerheads to improve your water efficiency. The more water you conserve, the less energy you waste. 

6. Upgrade or Tune-Up Your HVAC Unit

The amount of energy wasted by an ill-suited or improperly working HVAC unit can be huge. Making sure you have an annual HVAC system tune up will help protect you from breakdowns and keep your unit running more efficiently, especially during the peak of summer and the coldest months of winter. This is one of the best ways to make a house energy efficient. In some cases, an HVAC system upgrade could also help you create a more energy-efficient home. 

Let’s Save You Energy

Need help to go green? Our plumbing, HVAC and electrical experts can help you learn how to make your home more energy-efficient. They can help make sure you’re conserving water, using energy efficiently, and saving cash. Contact us to online schedule service or give us a call at (703) 752-1251.

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