What Does a Cooling Inspection Include?

Spring is well on its way, meaning that summertime is right around the corner as well. With both of these seasons come a lot more sunlight and a lot more heat, meaning homeowners will be wanting a well-working cooling system in their homes. Making sure your air conditioning unit is up to the task of handling summer temperatures is important if you want a comfortable season.

Why Should You Have an Air Conditioning Inspection?

Scheduling a cooling system inspection ensures that your AC unit is prepared to handle the strain from spring and summer months with more extreme temperatures, allowing for a comfortable living space.

Not only will a home AC inspection give you peace of mind throughout the hottest months of summer, but by getting your AC unit inspected, you can also extend the life of your HVAC unit. You will improve comfort levels in your home, save money on your energy bills since you’ll have a more efficient system, and hugely increase the chance of catching small issues before they become major, costly maintenance problems. 

Keep in mind that a lot of homeowners who choose to wait until the summer months to get their AC unit inspected run the risk of having to wait a few days or even weeks for an HVAC technician’s schedule to open up. Plan ahead of the air conditioning repair summer rush and be the first to get your AC unit inspected this year. This way you’ll better protect yourself against spending days without air conditioning in the summer.

What is Included in an AC Inspection?

Thermostat Recalibration

The thermostat on your AC unit is there to help keep your home at the temperature you desire. This isn’t possible, however, if the thermostat is reading the room incorrectly. During your AC inspection, a professional technician should perform a thermostat recalibration to ensure your thermostat is performing optimally.

Drain Pans Cleaning

The cleaner your unit is, the better it can operate. Your technician shouldn’t leave your home without properly cleaning out your drain pans, making sure they’re draining properly and clear of any grime and dirt. They should also check your drain line to be sure all your pipes are in good working order and there are no leaks.

Pressure Control Check-Up

Too much pressure inside your compressor could cause serious issues, such as an evaporator leak or many other distortions. To avoid the cost of a compressor replacement or repair, which can be costly, a skilled technician should check your pressure control to be sure it’s suitable and doing no damage to your unit. They should also check your compressor to be sure it’s working properly and in no need of a tune-up.

Filters Changes and Refrigerant Check

You probably know how important it is to change your filters regularly to protect the integrity of your HVAC unit. Additionally, the refrigerant levels are a crucial thing to get right. Too much or too little refrigerant could be harmful to your machine so these should be checked during your AC inspection. Your inspection technician should also do a full filter change to be sure your unit is ready to go.

Fan Motor Inspection

If the fan motor for your AC unit is out, then cool air won’t be able to be blown through your home. The technician should check the supply of voltage and amperage to the motors during your air conditioning inspection to ensure it’s getting the power it needs to run sufficiently.

Electrical Connecter Checks

All fuses and wiring should be checked to be sure they are all still in proper working order. Additionally, all electrical connections should be tightened to prevent any electrical disconnections. 

Additional Cooling System Inspection Items

  • Coil check up
  • Ductwork check up
  • Capacitor check up
  • Condenser fan blade check up
  • Test contactors for any burned or pitted pieces
  • Emergency shut-offs check up
  • Relays and pressure controls should be checked and tested
  • Safety devices should be checked and tested

Get Your Home AC Inspection Scheduled

Cooling inspections are crucial for the health of your overall HVAC system and the comfort of your family. But most people forget that this is something you should schedule on an annual basis. With our Service Partner Program, we’ll remind you when you’re due for a cooling inspection and you’ll get a discounted rate. Ready to learn more? Check out our maintenance plans or give us a call at (703) 214-5611.

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