Why is My Boiler Pressure Dropping

Keeping an eye on your home’s many appliances and pieces of equipment to ensure they’re working properly is part of the job as a homeowner. As you note the various functions of your home, you may occasionally notice your boiler pressure dropping slowly, or your boiler losing pressure fast.

While this is not always a big issue, it might indicate a problem. If your boiler pressure drops when hot water is running or if you notice the boiler pressure dropping more than usual throughout the day and not returning to normal, a repair is likely needed.

Is it Normal for Boiler Pressure to Drop?

If you notice your boiler pressure dropping, don’t assume the worst right away. Changes in boiler pressure happen all day long and boiler pressure drops occur very naturally. Over time and through use, a boiler is likely to lose some water or pressure and require topping off from time to time to help keep the pressure regulated.

That being said, it’s important to pay attention to your boiler pressure. Is the boiler pressure dropping slowly, or is the boiler losing pressure fast? Is the boiler continually losing pressure or does it fluctuate throughout the day, going up and down?

If you’re unsure of the answers, pay careful attention to your boiler’s pressure gauge for a while and make notes of the pressure changes from time to time. You can easily identify if the boiler has lost or gained pressure by looking at the pressure gauge. When switched off, the pressure gauge should be at about one bar (in the green zone). When it’s operating, the pressure will increase, but it should drop back down to normal. If it seems your boiler pressure is dropping a lot and not going back up, you may have a problem with your machine.

Why is My Boiler Pressure Dropping Slowly?

As mentioned above, boilers drop in pressure and gain pressure throughout the day. If you notice your boiler pressure dropping slowly, don’t panic. Pay attention and see if the pressure goes back up and if the boiler operates normally, heating water when necessary. If the pressure continues to drop, then you probably have a problem with your boiler.

The most common reason builders drop in pressure are these:

  • Water or air is released from the radiator when bleeding it.

  • A leak (either a leak in the boiler system, radiator valves, piping, or from a water-using appliance).

What to Do About Boiler Pressure Dropping Slowly

Identifying the source of the problem is the first step to resolving your boiler pressure dropping. Check your system for any leaks, signs of water damage, or pools of water on the floor. Continue checking your home piping, radiators, and any appliances that use the hot water from the boiler for signs of leaks or water damage. If you can’t find anything but still have an issue, then it’s likely there is water or air being released from your radiators or piping.

As your boiler gets used, or if you have an old system, then you may be dealing with some decay. The system of pipes and radiators connected to your home’s boiler system is capable of corroding, loosening, or otherwise failing over time. This eventually leads to water or air escaping. This will decrease the boiler pressure as more and more water is replaced with air in the system, causing your boiler pressure to drop slowly over time.

Why is My Boiler Losing Pressure Fast?

What to Do About Boiler Losing Pressure Fast

If your boiler is losing pressure quickly, you’ll need to get the issue addressed as soon as possible. Fast pressure drops from your boiler could mean there is a leak somewhere in your home which means you could be dealing with serious water damage. Calling a professional right away to investigate the issue can prevent severe damages from stacking up and save you from more costly repairs.

Can I Re-Pressurize My Boiler?

While you should never attempt to complete a boiler repair on your own without the necessary experience, you should know how to handle an emergency with your boiler. Many boilers are easy enough to re-pressurize on your own, which can save you a professional maintenance visit. Check your boiler manual to see if you can re-pressurize your unit on your own. If so, then follow the directions for your specific unit carefully.

Note that re-pressurizing a boiler when you already have a leak in the system is only going to cause more issues for your home and plumbing. You should only re-pressurize a boiler if you can be sure there is no leak. Adding more pressure to a situation where there is a leak present means you’ll intensify the leak.

If you’re unsure how to respond to your boiler pressure dropping, contact our experienced team at John C. Flood to help you manage the issue.

Fix Boiler Pressure Issues Today

If you notice your boiler pressure dropping and it doesn’t seem to be going back up as it should, contact John C. Flood to investigate. We can find out if your boiler is performing normally or if there’s a leak in the system.

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