Why You Should Prep Your Sump Pump for Winter

If you live in one of the many communities along the Atlantic Coast that is prone to regular flooding, there is a good chance that your basement is equipped with a sump pump. These devices help to keep moist areas of the home to stay dry by pumping any water that builds up on the floor out of your home. Unfortunately, sump pumps aren’t without their own problems.

Despite all of the great technological advancements of the past century, an efficient way to keep basements dry without regular maintenance has not been one of them.

To begin with, these devices are hooked up to drainage systems that are placed in the concrete floor of your home’s basement. This means that when winter comes about and the ground freezes, your sump pump will be privy to a host of potential damage. First off, if the sump pump was clogged to begin with at the start of the cold season, that means that water may be trapped within the device.

Once temperatures go below freezing and that water turns to ice, it may put pressure on the mechanism that could cause it to fracture. When the ground thaws out come spring and groundwater builds up in your basement, your sump pump will be essentially useless and your basement will surely flood.

Take the initiative before winter hits the region with full force. Inspect your sump pump for any damage immediately to make sure that its functionality hasn’t already been compromised. This mean you may have to uncover the pump and look in to make sure there isn’t already a pool of dirty water in the unit.

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